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Pengurusan Kumpulan Exness

Berdagang dalam CFD dan produk berkeumpilan secara amnya melibatkan risiko kerugian yang tinggi dan anda boleh kerugian semua modal yang dilaburkan.

Petr Valov


Salah seorang pengasas Kumpulan Exness, Petr menentukan keseluruhan strategi Kumpulan dan mempunyai kata putus mengenai isu-isu utama berkaitan operasi Kumpulan. Petr percaya bahawa budaya syarikat yang mengutamakan pelanggan yang telah beliau usahakan dari awal lagi merupakan pendorong utama dalam semua bidang operasi syarikat.

Chul Lim

Head of Digital Marketing

Chul graduated from Korea University in 2001 with a degree in Economics. Before joining Exness, he led digital marketing teams across Asia in various companies such as JingDong, Samsung Group, AstraZeneca and Cisco Systems. Chul joined Exness in 2017 as the Head of Digital Marketing, responsible for driving performance, content and campaign marketing in global markets. He is highly passionate about mobile, and all about digital marketing and innovation.

Vladimir Tatarinov

Ketua Pegawai Teknologi

Vladimir menyertai Kumpulan Exness pada tahun 2015 serta mengurus penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D) bagi menyediakan penyelesaian teknikal untuk keperluan perniagaan. Antara jawatan yang beliau sandang sebelum itu termasuklah Naib Presiden Deutsche Bank dan juga beberapa jawatan pengurusan di Intel.

Maria Fedorova

Ketua Pegawai Pelanggan

Maria menyertai Kumpulan Exness pada tahun 2012 dan bertanggungjawab untuk pengurusan hubungan pelanggan Kumpulan. Beliau memastikan bahawa keperluan pelanggan sentiasa dipenuhi dan pengalaman pelanggan dengan Exness sentiasa lancar sepanjang masa.

Eric McLean

Chief People Officer

Eric is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and comes from a technology, telecoms, and financial services background. His areas of interest and expertise, include organization development, change management, psychology and general business. Eric joined the Exness Group in 2017 and his role is around architecting and delivering a global HR strategy that can drive Exness in the direction of being a recognizable ‘Firstchoice Employer’ and world class business. Eric believes that, "talent is the 'engine' behind all value creation", and therefore, considers his role to be the guardian of culture, talent and performance.

Martin Thorvaldsson

General Counsel

Martin graduated from Law School at Lund University in Sweden in 1997, specializing in IT and IP law. Martin worked as legal counsel in the online gambling industry, and General Counsel for Boss Media AB and GTECH G2. Between 2010 and 2016, he was General Counsel and member of the management team at Betsson Group and acted as Director of several Betsson Group companies, including Director and CEO of the Gibraltar office. Prior to joining Exness, Martin briefly ran his own company, acting as a legal consultant in the online gaming and gambling industry. In 2017, he joined the Exness Group as General Counsel, and is responsible for the legal matters of the Group, whilst also managing the legal side of the Group's global expansion.

George Tsaparillas

General Manager

George obtained a degree in Mathematics in 1999 and an MBA in Management in 2002, both from the New York Institute of Technology. Between 2003 and 2011 he acted as Sales Director for property developer Karaolis Group Ltd, and by 2012 he furthered his career as Executive Director of DUB Investments Ltd. George joined Exness (Cy) Ltd in 2013 and today he is the General Manager and a Member of the Board of Directors of the company, formulating its strategy for existing and new services and assessing on a regular basis that the company’s policies and procedures are in compliance with the relevant law and directives.

David Morris

Chief Executive Officer, Exness (UK) Ltd

David holds a degree in Economics and Public Policy and brings a wealth of industry experience to the Exness Group, having been a founder member of the first online spread betting company. He is an experienced Board level Director, and has held various senior management level positions including CEO. David’s industry expertise extends across multiple asset classes having run global trading for previous CFD firms. He joined the Exness Group in March 2016 as CEO for the UK entity.

David Moyes

Chief Sales Officer

David graduated from Melbourne University with both a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Business, before furthering his studies and obtaining a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Victoria. He has held various management positions in his career, including General Manager of Hong Leong Manufacturing Group, where he was a key strategist within the building materials group, and General Manager of Monier Group, where he was in charge of overseeing all market, channel, partner and product development programs. David joined Exness Limited in 2016 as CSO, and is responsible for conceiving and developing strategic planning for sales, product development and market commercialization.

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