Trading in CFDs and generally leveraged products involves substantial risk of loss and you may lose all of your invested capital.
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Brief Guide to Exness One Click Trader


Exness created the One Click Trader trading script to make working with MetaTrader 4 more convenient and effective.

The script makes possible "one-click" trading (by entering Stop Loss and Take Profit in points) and opening and closing orders in less than a second. The script also displays Level 2 quotes, allowing you to make intelligent and reasonable decisions.

MetaTrader 4 must be installed in order to install the script on your computer. You can download the trading terminal in the "Downloads" section of the official Exness website.

Installation of Exness One Click Trader

To install the Exness One Click Trader trading script on your computer, do the following:

Step 1.

Download ExnessOneClickTrader.dll using this link in the "Downloads" section.

Step 2.

Start the MetaTrader 4 terminal and put ExnessOneClickTrader.dll in the "Libraries" folder in the "Data Folder" (File → Open Data Folder → MQL4 → Libraries). Restart the terminal.

Step 3.

Configure MetaTrader 4 to run the script: in the main menu, select in turn "Tools" and "Options". Go to the "Expert Advisors" tab in the window that opens. Be sure that "Allow DLL imports" is enabled on this tab. You may now close the settings window.

Step 4.

To run the Exness One Click Trader script, in the "Navigator" window (CTRL+N), select the "Scripts" menu. Then find and double-click "Exness One Click Trader" in the list. The script will then appear in the open chart window.

Trading using Exness One Click Trader

Use the following buttons to perform trading operations:

"SELL" - Executes a market order sale of the specified amount.

"BUY" - Executes a market order purchase of the specified amount.

"Close all -" - Closes all loss-making positions.
"Close all +" - Closes all profitable positions.
"Close all" - Closes all open positions.
"SL / TP" - Sets the Stop Loss/Take Profit levels for the position being opened (in a tenth of a point)

Enter the market order size (in lots) in the special window between the "SELL" and "BUY" buttons.

Note that when you change from one chart to another, you must restart "Exness One Click Trader" in the "Scripts" menu.

Exness support specialists are always ready to answer your questions about installing and using Exness One Click Trader.

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