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Library / Instructions / User's Guide for MetaQuotes MetaTrader4 Mobile Terminal (Android)

User's Guide for MetaQuotes MetaTrader4 Mobile Terminal (Android)


The MetaTrader 4 app is available in Google's app store – Google Play. To install it, enter "MetaTrader 4" in the search bar and select the app from MetaQuotes Software Corporation from the search results.

You can find a direct link to the app in Google Play in the "Downloads" section of the EXNESS website or on the website of MetaQuotes Software Corporation, which developed the app.

Google Play

Install the app by tapping "Install" on the app's page in Google Play.

Once the installation is complete, the MetaTrader 4 app will be available in your "Apps" menu.


Signing in

After installing the app, tap the MetaTrader 4 icon in the list of apps to start the terminal. The first time you launch the app the sign-in window will offer you two options: "Connect to an existing account" and "Open a trial account".

To sign into your trading account or trial account, select the first option - "Connect to an existing account".

In the next screen, enter "EXNESS" in the search field and select the appropriate server from the list.

The next step is to enter your account credentials, i.e. your username and password.

Then tap the "Sign in" button to connect.

Open account Exness_Servers Login



The menu contains the following items:

New order - Opens a dialog window to create a new order.

Symbols - Manage the list of trading instruments on the "Quotes" tab. This menu is used to add/remove trading instruments and set the order in which instruments are displayed in the list.

Accounts - Switch between different accounts. Add new accounts. Delete unneeded accounts.

Messages - A list of messages from MetaQuotes services.

Settings - Configure the Quotes and Charts tabs as well as messages from MetaQuotes services.

About the app - A brief description of the app from the developers.

The app's tabs

The terminal's workspace consists of 4 tabs. Tap on the appropriate icon in the top part of the screen to switch between tabs.

Quotes - A screen with a list of selected trading instruments and current Ask and Bid prices. Add and remove instruments using the "Symbols" submenu in the main menu.

Quotes Add symbols Add symbols Delete symbols

Tap any symbol to open a context menu where you can open a new order, go to the selected the symbol's chart, review the symbol's properties, or go to the "Symbols" submenu. You can also switch between symbol display modes: Simple or Detailed.

Symbols submenu 

Charts - A screen with charts. The chart for the selected instrument is located in the top part of the screen. Indicator windows are situated below. The bottom part of the screen contains several buttons for working quickly with the chart


Crosshair Crosshair - Lets you view information about a specific part of the chart.

Symbol Symbol - Select the trading instrument.

Timeframe Timeframe - Select the chart's timeframe.

Indicators Indicators - Opens the indicator menu. Indicators are added and removed using this menu. 

New order New order - Opens a dialog window to create a new order.

The Charts window's context menu is also used to open a new order, open the indicator menu, and update the chart.

Charts window

Trade - Displays the account's state and a list of current positions. Tap on a position to open its context menu. You can use the context menu to close or change an order.

Trade tab Trade tab Trade tab

History - The transaction history for this account. To choose the history's time period, tap the clock icon   History icon

History tab History tab

Main functions

Opening an order

To open a new order, select "New order" in the main menu.

Specify the order's parameters: instrument, size, and order type. In the next step you set the "Deviation" and "Stop Loss" and "Take Profit" levels. To open the order, tap the Sell or Buy button at the bottom of the screen. Once the order is open, information about it will be available on the "Trading" screen.

Open order Open order Open order

Closing an order

To close an order, tap the order in the order list on the "Trading" screen and select "Close order" in the context menu.

Closing order

Changing an order

If you need to change the Stop Loss or Take Profit levels, tap the order in the order list on the "Trade" screen and select "Change order" in the context menu.

Change order Change order

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