Trading in CFDs and generally leveraged products involves substantial risk of loss and you may lose all of your invested capital.
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User's Guide for MetaQuotes MetaTrader5 Mobile Terminal (Android)


MT5 for mobile devices is available in Google Play, so you use the "Play Store" app on your phone to install it.

"mt5" in the search field in the "Play Store" app and select the MetaTrader 5 app (MetaQuotes Software Corp.).

MetaTrader5 MetaTrader5 MetaTrader5 MetaTrader5

Tap the "Install" button on the app's page. A screen will appear where you must confirm the installation or, if your Google account is not authorized on your device, you will be prompted to sign in to your account or create a new Google account. After tapping "Accept and download", the platform will be automatically downloaded and installed on your device.

Google Play Google Play Google Play Google Play

Account registration

When you first launch MT5 you will be prompted to sign in or register a new account. To register a new trial account, tap "Open a trial account". Accounts opened for MT4 cannot be used for MT5.

Login to existing account

Then enter "EXNESS" and select "Exness-Server".

Fill in your personal data, select an account type, and specify the leverage and deposit size.

Select "Exness-Server" Create account Create account Create account

Your registration will be complete once you tap "Open account". Please remember to keep your account number and password in a safe place.


Indicators and advisors are not available in the mobile version of MT5. The terminal's workspace consists of 4 tabs:

1. The first tab ("Quotes") shows the current prices for the selected trading instruments.

2. The "Charts" tab displays a chart.

3. The "Trade" tab displays information about current trading operations.

4. The order and transaction history is available on the "History" tab.

"Quotes" tab "Charts" tab "Trade" tab "History" tab

Opening, closing and changing orders

In all tabs, tapping your phone's "Menu" button brings up the main menu.

Basic Menu

To open an order, please select "New order". First, specify the order size, instrument, and type (instant execution or a type of pending order). Next, specify the price for pending orders and the direction for orders with instant execution. You can also set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

"New Order" tab "New Order" tab "New Order" tab

Orders that have been placed are displayed in the "Trade" tab. To close or change an order, press and hold the line with the desired order in the "Positions" list. In the menu that appears, select "Close position" to close the order or "Change position" to change the Stop Loss or Take Profit price, or to change the price of a pending order.

"Trade" tab "Trade" tab  Modify position

Adding symbols

To add other instruments to the permanent list in the "Quotes" tab, go to the "Symbols" section in the main menu: 

"Quotes" tab Add symbol

In this menu you can add or delete symbols using the icon in the top right corner of the screen or change the order of symbols using the icon to the right of each symbol. Trading instruments are divided into two categories on the Add symbol screen: major pairs (Majors) and cross rates - in the Forex\Major and Forex\Crosses folders, respectively. The Forex\Indicator folder contains currency exchange rates. These instruments are not available for trading. Add a trading instrument to the permanent list by tapping on the list with the desired instrument.

"Add symbol" screen "Add symbol" screen "Add symbol" screen "Add symbol" screen


Settings. Settings. Settings. Settings.

Switch between accounts using the "Accounts" menu item. You also use it to open a new account by tapping the "+" icon in the top part of the screen.

"Accounts" menu "Accounts" menu

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